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Provider Contact Form

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As a healthcare provider, your top priority is keeping your patients healthy. At Rite Care, our priority is making that as quick and simple as possible for you. With online order forms and helpful staff we make prescribing as painless as possible.

Your patients trust you to help them make decisions that are best for their health. When those decisions require medication, we’re here to help you lead your patients to a place where they can get their prescribed medications at an affordable cost.

At Rite Care, our goal is to lift the burden of prescription medication off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most – your patients’ health.

We make it easy for you through our online ordering forms and by taking care of all of the rebate cards, coupons, and prior authorizations.This way, you and your patients don’t have to.

Prescribing medications for patients is one thing; keeping them on those medicines is another thing, entirely. As an added benefit to patients and healthcare providers, we offer a refill reminder call service to help patients stay on top of their prescription refills. On the sixth day after a patient receives their prescription, we will call the patient to ask how they are doing on the medication. On the 26th day, we will give the patient refill reminder calls.

Provider Contact Form

Provider Contact Form

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At Rite Care Pharmacy we don’t just provide services to our patients, we also have many services designed to make your job as a healthcare provider a little easier, such as:

submit-prescriptions Submit Electronic Prescriptions
electronic-prescriptions Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (Schedule 2-5)
pill Prescription Drug Compounding (Non-sterile only)
authorization Prior Authorization Assistance
free-delivery Free Shipping
next-day-shipping Free Next Day Delivery (Dallas- Fort Worth & Shreveport)
calender-26 Refill Reminder Call

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