Treating Athlete’s Foot and other Fungal Infections

Blog  |  August 24th, 2015

Despite its name, athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can affect men and women, athlete or not. Characterized by redness and itching in between the toes, athlete’s foot is caused by the fungus tinea, which leaves scaly patches on the skin. Tinea is the same fungus that causes jock itch. Treating athlete’s foot right away helps decrease the likelihood of spreading the fungus to others and shortens the amount of time you suffer from symptoms.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

Symptoms of athlete’s foot are not the same in everyone who develops the condition, but common symptoms include:
• Scaly, red rash between the toes
• Itching
• Blisters or ulcers
• Chronic dryness
• Scaling on the soles of the feet, extending up the sides of the feet

Symptoms of athlete’s foot can be mistaken for eczema or dry skin.

Causes of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is commonly thought to the result of poor hygiene, it really has nothing to do with cleanliness. Anyone who is exposed to the tinea fungus can develop athlete’s foot. Walking barefoot in a locker room or public shower can cause athlete’s foot, as can sharing towels, socks, or shoes with someone who is infected.

Treating Athlete’s Foot

Minor cases of athlete’s foot may be treated with over-the-counter creams, but if symptoms do not improve within a few weeks of self-treatment, it may be time for a prescription cream from your doctor.

Naftin is a topical gel or cream used to treat athlete’s foot between the toes. Naftin cream is also indicated for use as treatment for ringworms and jock itch. According to studies, Naftin is shown to relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot in about four weeks, with noticeable results after using Naftin for just two weeks.

Naftin is one of our most commonly filled prescriptions at Rite Care Pharmacy. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, jock itch, or ringworm, talk to your doctor about Naftin.

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